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Natalie and Mike are a delightful couple from Chicago and came to me via Laura Weatherly from Engaging Affairs... and as soon as I met them, I just knew we had to work together.  I'm super excited about their wedding next April at the brand new W Hotel in Washington DC. Now I grew up in DC and have shot a lot of weddings in a lot of different venues and most of them tend to be a little more on the traditional side, so I for one am thrilled that the W is going to bring a little more modern flair to this city. Since every couple I work with is different, I like to consider their individual personalities when selecting locations for the engagement sessions. Since Natalie and Mike are a fun couple who toe the line between traditional and modern, I thought it would be fun to start

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Last weekend I got to hang out with two of the most deliciously adorable boys ever, Beau & Griffin. I had the pleasure of meeting their moms Carla & Lorraine at The Standard when we were all there to see mutual friend Curt Smith play in the Cactus Lounge a few months ago. Anyway, this session was a long time in the making but I'm so glad that we finally got around to it. Carla, Lorraine and their boys live in a beautiful light-filled home with great furniture and cool art...all of which gives me inspiration for my portrait sessions. I love to shoot in my clients' homes because the images are so much more personal that way and they are always different. So here are a handful of my faves from this session so far. Hope you enjoy! Can you say heartbreakers? Mr. Beau and the turtle on his place mat

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I just landed in DC a few hours ago for what is sure to be a whirlwind trip. 2 weddings and 5 engagement sessions is going to be plenty of fodder for the blog. But before I get to any of that, I'm going to continue to play catch up. This year I've had a wonderful new family come into my life and I have already done 2 portrait sessions with them since early March. Hilary and James and their delightful 6 year-old daughter Astrid asked me to come over to photograph them while James' family was in town for a visit...which also coincided with Astrid's birthday. Here are a few faves from the session. This is my favorite from the whole shoot...such joy! And how quickly that joy turned to utter despair when she realized that her favorite stuffed animal was missing. I wish I looked so beautiful when I'm miserable...I usually

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Well after the 3 day weekend I am so relaxed that I feel like I've been on vacation for a week! Gary and were babysitting our niece Zoe (9) and our nephew Henry (6) since we returned from Montreal last Wednesday so although it was busy and crazy, we returned them on Sunday and it just took us one full day to recover. So now it's back to work to get as much work done as possible before I leave for DC on Thursday for another marathon work trip. Anyway, yesterday our dear friends John & Cheri Burke invited us over for a little Memorial Day bbq & pool party (John actually became ordained online & performed our wedding ceremony last October). And although I usually leave my camera at home for such events, this time I had to bring it along since I had promised the Burkes that we would


Gary and I have been babysitting for our niece and nephew this week so that's left me with little time to blog but I do want to continue to catch up with all of the portraits and weddings that I never got around to blogging. Today I wanted to share a few images from my shoot with the beautiful and delightful Smith girls. This was definitely more of a "lifestyle" session where I photographed the girls doing things as opposed to posing for the pictures...although they were certainly little hams at times. These girls love to bake so we figured why not make a chocolate cake... Classic big sister/ little sister stuff. :) At the end of the shoot, we thought it might be fun to jump on the bed a little. It became even more fun when their mom let us cut open a feather pillow to make it a little more