Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with Kerry and Dan, a couple of playwrights who share a great love of the theater. They held the wedding at Hotel Monaco which is one of my very favorite venues in DC. Florals were by the always fabulous Helen Olivia. Here are a few highlights…
We started with a few portraits of Kerry and Dan around the hotel, they looked very Old Hollywood glam.
Kerry’s gorgeous bouquet complete with a comedy & drama mask charm.
Kerry & Dan were walked down the aisle by their cute schnauzer.
Playbills as ceremony programs, nice touch huh?
There were lots of adorable children at this wedding which always adds to the fun and excitement.
The receiving line.

6 Responses to “Kerry & Dan’s Wedding, Hotel Monaco”

  1. jenni says:

    yay for blog updates!! you accomplished A LOT this weekend :)

  2. jenni says:

    yay for blog updates!! you accomplished A LOT this weekend :)

  3. Téa B says:

    Long time no post!

    I am not one to fawn over wedding-y stuff… but I LOVE those black table cloths — love love love them. You’ll probably tell me that theyre plastic or something and burst my bubble. hehe. (Who has plastic table cloths at a wedding?)

  4. Carrie says:

    amazing pics once again Justine!

  5. Sarah says:

    Not related to this post, but I spy a photo by Justine

  6. Keefer Lanham says:

    Congratulations Kerri! Saw this and couldn’t help thinking how incredible you look. What an elegant celebration, and Odie looks great fantastic too. I look forward to meeting Dan one day, and wish you all the best. Love Keefer

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