Today I bring you the long awaited wedding of Erin & Sean which I shot in Annapolis a couple of weeks ago. Erin and I were sorority sisters (Alphi Phi) together at Virginia Tech, we were actually in the same pledge class and played lacrosse together freshman year…even though I only played one game and decided that exercise was not going to be part of my regular college life. :)

Anyway, during hte past couple of weeks, traveling and then having my dad visit for a week has left me having lots of fun but a bit behind on my editing so I apologize. Thank you to Erin & Sean and guests for being so patient. Here are some highlights….

This picture should say a lot about how the day started out. There was a tornado warning and it was so rainy and windy, we were afraid the tent might blow away.


Then the power went out so everyone had to get ready in the dark.





Aren’t they cute?


Getting Erin dressed…eventually the lights came back on.




And Sean looking very handsome…



And the weather cleared up just in time for the ceremony which was beautiful.
















At the end of the night Erin and Sean had a sparkler send off and then left by boat.



A big thank you to Erin and Sean for asking me to be a party of your very special day, it was such a pleasure! xo

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  1. Erin says:

    Your work is amazing Justine; we would’ve waited an eternity for these beautiful shots to capture our day. We couldn’t be happier!

  2. gary says:

    welcome back, your blog missed you

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