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Does everyone remember Sloane & Dave from their e-session a couple of weeks ago? The adorable couple blowing dandelions in each other's faces? Yes, them. Well yesterday Jenni and I shot their wedding at the Reagan Building which is such a fantastic venue having both indoor and outdoor spaces which I love. I was a little worried about the Memorial Day weekend and the potential of "Rolling Thunder" to be a little loud during the ceremony but everything turned out great and it was an incredibly lovely day thanks to the great team I got to work with: Coordinator: Sara Muchnick with help from & Amy Engaging Affairs Florist: Amaryllis Cake: Kendall's Cakes Rentals: Party Rental Makeup: Leah McKay Getting ready... I shot these in the bar of the hotel, lit with a video light. And then met the guys over at the Reagan Building. Had so much fun playing with my brand new tilt-shift lens. Sloane's mom & grandmother Sloane

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Back in DC

This morning I flew out on the first ever JetBlue flight from Burbank to DC. I have flown between Long Beach & Dulles at least 20 times in the past 3 years and the 45+ minute (without traffic) drive can get really old after a while. Ask Gary since he gets to do the chauffeuring. Even at 6:30am, I think he was okay with the new 10 minute commute to the airport. So now I'm back in DC for a 10 day stint and to shoot 2 weddings and attend a bridal shower thrown in my honor on Saturday. As many showers as I've thrown and attended, it all feels sort of weird when it's for you. I'll be sure to post some pictures...check back soon.


Okay, now the last of the recent engagement sessions I shot on my last trip to DC. And just in time for me to head back on Wednesday to shoot a couple of weddings. Today I bring you Jo & Rob who I also met for the first time on the day of their engagement session which we shot in Old Town Alexandria. Jo & Rob came to me by way of the always amazing Sara Muchnick. Anyway, these two are an incredibly sweet and giggly couple and have the some of the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. Their wedding will be the first I'll shoot as a married! :)

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I know I'm totally behind on this blog but I really am making an effort to catch up. So, tonight I bring you the 2nd of the 3 engagement sessions I shot during my last trip to DC. When I first met with Molley I would have fought other photographers to "get her" but luckily I didn't have to. :) I met Tim on the day of our session and he is just as fun and adorable as she is. We shot at the Lincoln Memorial which is one of my favorite spots in DC. Enjoy!

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Alrighty, I am really trying to stay caught up on this blog even though I am buried under a pile of editing and other stuff. I got up at 4:30am this morning on the east coast to jump on the first flight out to LA and arrived at 10am PT. Coincidentally, Anna's brother (yes Anna, my bride from Saturday) and his wife and baby were sitting right behind me on the plane. The main reason I recognized them was because their adorable little baby girl has this crazy spiky hair that sticks straight up in the air. I remember commenting about it on the wedding day and then when I saw that same baby hair on the plane, I knew it just HAD to be the same family...and it was. :) Amazingly, I actually managed to get in a whole day of work with no nap...must be running on pure adrenaline

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