Hello to all of you ladies & gents out there in blog-land. Since these days I am in wedding-land both personally & professionally, I find myself browsing an awful lot of wedding-related blogs. So I took it upon myself to create a new blog that I’m calling the Unveiled Society to link to all of the wedding-related blogs that I come across. If you’d like to list your blog there, just add to your blogroll and then send me an email to to let me know that you’ve done so and I’ll post it right away. If you are a bride blogger, let me know that. If you are a wedding professional, please let me know the category of your business…planner, photographer, stationer etc so that I can list you in the appropriate spot.

I will select a blog to feature each day. If you decide to feature Unveiled on your blog, drop me an email and I will certainly return the favor.

The design is not too terribly impressive so far but I’ve got someone working on that for me so hang in there, it will get better!

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