Tonight the fam (Michael, Kay, Zoe & Henry) came over to hang out for a bit. Kay & Zoe were all dressed up from Jessie’s tea party birthday extravaganza so we decided to do a little mini photo shoot while they were here. Unfortunately, Michael was busy setting up our surround-sound speakers and did not make it into any of the pictures. He also wasn’t wearing a cute, foofy dress though.� � Here are a few…
This one cracks me up because Zoe is reading Ayn Rand
That’s all for now. I’m heading to Vegas tomorrow for WPPI so if you’re there and you see me, please stop and say hello. � � � �

5 Responses to “Impromptu photo shoot”

  1. sashidhar says:

    I came across your blog through Kay’s blog… and yeah! nice shots you took!! :)

  2. amelialyon says:

    Great impromptu session! I loooooove your walpaper! Is that your house? Where did you find such amazing wallpaper?

  3. USA Mike says:

    These pictures are so great- and I was connecting speakers the whole time!

  4. Eliza says:

    when I am a mom, i want pics like that with my daughter!

  5. Katie says:

    Love your wallpaper! You should add a section about your new place and put lots of pictures of your new house! I want to see all the rooms!

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