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After a totally whirlwind trip to Tampa for my first ever Digital Wedding Forum convention, I am completely wiped out! I don't think I slept more than about 5 or 6 hours the whole time. And after a couple of days of running around DC, I am now up in NJ hanging out with Jamie before shooting Ashley & Tim's wedding all over New Jersey tomorrow. I'm so excited, especially after all of the wonderful inspiration I found at DWF. I have lots of stories to tell from that but I'm tired and need to go to bed so I'll leave you with this one picture that I shot on my iPhone. I probably walked by this thing about 3 or 4 times before I actually noticed it which is surprising because it was a massive 40"x60" canvas gallery wrap of an image I shot of the very lovely Katie

Calling all photographers... I'm happy to announce that the website for my upcoming portrait seminar, The Modern Portrait has gone live. My mother and I will be teaching a series of 2 day workshops for photographers and the first one is scheduled for February 23rd & 24th in the suburbs of DC. We are both so excited and have been working very hard on our curriculum. I really think it is going to be life changing for those of you who are looking to launch or reinvent your portrait businesses. We're keeping the class size small so be sure to sign up soon to ensure that you get a seat. Hope to see you there!

After the big Hannah Montana concert, a bunch of us went out to a really fabulous dinner at Tailor in Soho to celebrate my brother, Michael's 40th birthday. There were 15 of us in attendance and the crazy thing is that no one there actually lives in Manhattan, everyone just managed to gather from all sorts of different places to celebrate this big milestone. An enormous thank you to Kay for organizing and for incredibly generously picking up the big, huge whopping tab we must have run up. It was just one of those totally rare, magical evenings. At least I thought so. Michael shot a bunch of pictures with his brand new new DSLR...a birthday gift. me & Gary Me & my soon-to-be sister in law, Jamie. Can you believe we're not related? The UPS guy is convinced that we are the same person. Michael opening his bday gift from iPhone inspires