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And this time I mean that it is literally me. :) A photographer friend emailed me a few days ago that she had seen me in the magazine but I had yet to see it myself until one of the editors of Bride's Magazine emailed me this pdf this morning. So instead of my work being featured, this time it is me as a bride. That is a very strange thing for me but also sort of hilarious. Check it out...

Despite the very soggy weather in LA of late, I did manage to squeeze in a portrait session with these two rowdy yet delightful boys, Brandon & Cameron. Here are a couple of favorites...

So before I left town for my very extended holiday break (not that it was a vacation), I did a photoshoot with my friend Conroy's improv group, Rohan Will Answer. They wanted to re-create the Annie Leibowitz cover of Rolling Stone of Fleetwood Mac all awkwardly in bed together. Now I do know that Annie had a little more to work with in terms of equipment and was able to be suspended on a platform overhead to get this shot. I got to stand on a ladder with my back plastered up against a very low ceiling. After a few mimosas, we made it work. Here are the faves. A big thank you to Gary for art directing this madness!

I just received this NME press clipping from the fabulous Milena Mepris, 1/2 of the band, Pin Me Down who I had the opportunity to shoot a few months ago in LA. This is from the January 5th issue. It should be available on Newsstands so pick up a copy! The magazine cropped off the top of my photo but that's okay, they didn't know any better. :)

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Ashley & Tim's wedding up in Livingston, New Jersey. I have known Ashley since we were 18 years old which I'm now realizing was quite a long time ago. Yikes! Anyway, I was so thrilled when she asked me to shoot her wedding and although I generally have a policy of not shooting the weddings of friends, I decided to make an exception...and I'm so glad that I did. Ashley looked so amazing and I'm so thrilled that she managed to find such an amazing partner in Tim, who I just adore. He is just so wonderful for her and you can see it in both of their eyes when they are together. So congratulations guys, can't wait to see you both again soon! Here are some highlights from the wedding. Is she gorgeous or what? Ashley & her dad A little zoom during