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Okay, I find this to be totally hysterical. Gary pointed me to this site Critics Rant and they have a tool on there that analyzes the level of education that a reader would need in order to understand your blog. This did not surprise me one bit... <img style="border: none;" src=""

I LOVE Harry Potter movies but who doesn't right? Although I have yet to see the most recent one, I'm sure that Gary and I have an invitation to some screening of it in Hollywood, better look that up and go. Anyway, during some Sunday morning blog browsing, I stumbled across this site that combines the Myers Briggs test and Harry Potter to give you an analysis of which character you are most like. I've been tested twice in my life, once at age 6 and again at 17. Both times I was an ENFP. That maks me Fred & George Weasley...minus the red hair. I also hope I'm not as annoying as those two.

What do you do for Thanksgiving when you live in California but your whole family is on the east coast? Most people would probably just hop on a plane, right? But what if you've already done that 8 times this year with 2 more trips planned in December? That's a lot of flying, right? Yes, I agree that it is way too much! :) Normally Gary and I would just head over to Michael & Kay's (my brother & sister-in-law) house for their annual Thanksgiving extravaganza where all of the "orphan" east coast people from Boston, NYC & DC gather annually. Our job is to bring one of these beautiful but insanely expensive centrepieces. It is much easier than having to cook. But Thanksgiving at Chez Eisenstein will not be happening this year since the fam is heading to NYC for Kay's ride down Broadway on the Care Bear float

Today is Oliver's 4th birthday and in honor of the big day, Gary came home with some goodies so that we could celebrate properly. Oliver really loves his Daddy, look at the love in those eyes! He even endured this torture for the photo op... And finally the reward is this beaver puppet which Oliver loves but is also just a way for us to torture him some more.

After changing my flight from Tuesday to Wednesday after being quite sick, I learned a few lessons. 1. I learned that I can now consider myself a frequent flyer. When I checked in at the Jetblue counter at Dulles Airport, both of the skycaps working at curbside check-in knew me. They didn't just know me, they wanted to know why I didn't tell them I was in town and said that we should hang out next time. They also asked where the puppy was...apparently that means that perhaps I fly a little too much. 2. I learned that you shouldn't get a massage when you're sick. One way that I like to kill time in terminal B at Dulles is getting a nice little massage at the massage bar. This time it was not so great though. I sat down in the chair and as soon as the masseuse touched my arm,