Now that I’m back in town (Fairfax that is, not LA) from Puerto Rico, I’m finally able to catch up on my blogging. The first thing I should share are a few images I shot as a guest at Jenny & Rob’s wedding. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have the day off and to just grab my camera whenever I felt like it. I have lots of stories from the weekend, like the 5 hours I spent playing black-jack one night, and then there was that roller coaster thingy that we had to ride to get to our room but I’ll talk about those tomorrow. For now, here are some images from Jenny & Rob’s beautiful wedding…
Gorgeous, right?
mg 9966 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
Hillary asked me “am I going to make the blog?” I told her yes so here you are Hills! icon smile Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0018 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
Mom & daughter
mg 0028 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
The handsome groom
mg 0049 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0055 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0104 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0114 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
Kelly, the maid of honor & my best bud was hanging out with the real photographers during the ceremony. icon smile Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0140 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0157 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
This is Payton, also known as Paypay, I am her “fairy godmother”. I think I must be awfully boring because she passes out every time I hold her. Anyway, she was the most popular baby around and got passed around an awful lot on this trip. Poor girl was sick too.
mg 0187 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
The girls…me, Erin, Mary, Katie (and Ashley who currently resides in Katie’s growing bump)
mg 0205 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
Marylou/ Grandma holding Payton
mg 0229 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0284 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0293 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
Erich felt like a BIG man holding this 10 oz beer can. Doesn’t his hand look huge?
mg 0297 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
mg 0321 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding
Hilary, Jenny & Kelly – “voguing”, it was quite a show
mg 0380 Jenny & Rob’s Wedding

4 Responses to “Jenny & Rob’s Wedding”

  1. Kim says:

    Justine! I found your blog. :-) Great pictures!! It was nice meeting you and now you’ve got a loyal reader.

  2. Hillary says:

    AHAHAAH. I made it!

    Those pictures are gorgeous Justine. I love the one of Jenny looking in the mirror.

    When do you get back to LA? Can we have a lunch/dinner date sometime soon?

  3. maria says:

    Justine, these images are INCREDIBLE! You captured some really great moments. I LOVE the first one. Jenny & Rob are going to flip when they see these :)

  4. Kel says:

    I LOVE these! The first one of Jenny is amazing. I also LOVE the one of my mom and Erich trying to make Payton smile on my Grandma’s lap. You are so good at capturing “that moment”. Payton loved spending time with her Fairy Godmother!

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