Today is Oliver’s 4th birthday and in honor of the big day, Gary came home with some goodies so that we could celebrate properly.
Oliver really loves his Daddy, look at the love in those eyes!
He even endured this torture for the photo op…
And finally the reward is this beaver puppet which Oliver loves but is also just a way for us to torture him some more.

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Oliver!”

  1. MrsTwink says:

    Happy Birthday, Oliver!!

    I love the birthday hat and the fact that he endured it long enough to let you snap a photo. Our dogs won’t let us.

  2. margie says:

    Happy Birthday, Oliver!!!!!

    Hope your birthday was full of fun. You certainly have the greatest parents! Is the beaver puppet still in one piece??

  3. Anne Dutton says:

    Happy birthday cute boy!
    Thanks for your post today- we have LOTS off cathing up to do-
    I was very sick too and have had a really rough month since I returned from London-
    Thanksgiving are you back home?


  4. JoDada says:

    Happy birthday to my buddy boy Granddog
    (see, I do read your blog : )

  5. maria says:

    what a sweet little dog you have :) happy belated bday, oliver!!

  6. jamie says:

    oh. my. goodness. these pictures made me laugh so hard…there is PURE LOVE in Oliver’s eyes! Happy (very belated) Birthday, Boy!

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