I’m a little bit nervous because tomorrow is Oliver’s first day of doggy daycare or “pre-school” as Gary and I are calling it. This afternoon we had a lovely tour of K9 Loft, a really cool place in Silverlake where Oliver is going to be spending some time when Gary and I can’t be around to give him the attention that he needs and deserves. Tomorrow is a trip to Disneyland…my first ever and we didn’t want to have to worry about the boy so we’ve decided to send him to daycare. This place is amazing, besides being a kick-ass retail boutique, there is also a cage-free big dog room and a small dog room where the dogs get to hang out and play all day. There are even little cots in the corners for the sleepy pups who get tired. Apparently they all nap around mid-day because they’re so exhausted from playing the whole time. There are even two humans in there to play with and entertain the doggies. There is also a great backyard and all of the pups get to go out 4-5 times a day to relieve themselves and enjoy the sunshine. The place is so beautiful and clean, it seemed more like a place you’d drop your child off for pre-school, hence the nickname. I will try to take some pictures of the place when we drop him off. Oh yeah, and one more thing, they even have a 24-hour webcam on the doggy play area so you can check in on your pup from anywhere in the world. Amazing, huh?

3 Responses to “Oliver’s first day of pre-school”

  1. Téa B says:

    I am SO laughing at you right now :)

  2. carrie says:

    hey justine! (found you from dwf) we send ours to “double dog dare ya”. they are awesome (in the industrial part of burbank off flower) – and have been our labs “home away from home” when we go to new york. -c

  3. hillary says:

    i really like k9 loft. i’ve taken my pup there for grooming and a couple daycare days so far. i love the attention the dogs get. the webcam? awesome. i get food there too, it’s cheap!

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