Last night Gary and I got all dressed up for Bianca’s circus-themed birthday/ halloween party. Apparently they forgot to tell us about the circus theme but a lot of the other guests were dressed appropriately. Gary and I on the other hand were dressed as…drum roll please…Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel. :)
The birthday girl and Miki
A nice close up…notice that Gary has eyebrows…that is a combination of mascara and eyebrow pencil. I did some work to my brows also to try to lose the arches. Please note that Gary is also wearing a fat suit. No offense to Jimmy Kimmel, but he’s not exactly svelte.
There was some wig trading going on…
Can you guess which mohawk is real?
Showing off my really cool “I HATE THE ENVIRONMENT” shirt. And isn’t the hairdo just perfect?
This one is for my dad. I remember some pictures of him in a very similar home depoteseque costume circa 1979(ish). But he was a gold cardboard box robot and this one was silver.
Me and Amy Winehouse
Even the dogs were in costume, this one was sooo tired.

Anyway, it really was such a fun night. Thank you to Bianca & Miki for being great hosts and for putting so much time and thought into a great party and especially for the great food and candy! I must have eaten at least 30 or 40 packets of smarties, those are my favorites. One guy even turned to me and said “you’re always eating!”. He’s right though, I am always eating. So sue me. :)

I think we’re going to put the costumes on again on Wednesday and go stand outside the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio on Hollywood Blvd.

BTW, I did do some shoots this weekend, I’ll post those soon.

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