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Ok people, now that you've been reading about my ridiculous personal life for a couple of weeks, it's time to get back to the photography. On Saturday, I had a wonderful time hanging out with Heather & Emanual and their darling little boy, Chris...who has been recently added to my group of handsome baby boyfriends. What can I say, I'm a sucker for fat cheeks, bald heads and gummy smiles. :) The funny thing about this family is that they seem to know absolutely everyone on my website. I guess it's a pretty small world out here. So here you go Heather, as promised...a few teasers. Chris really loves his Mommy! I just LOVE doing lifestyle shoots that represent a family's real life. Emanuel is an incredible songwriter & producer. This one I just couldn't resist. Chris didn't like the hat nearly as much as the rest of us did. But it was

Last night Gary and I got all dressed up for Bianca's circus-themed birthday/ halloween party. Apparently they forgot to tell us about the circus theme but a lot of the other guests were dressed appropriately. Gary and I on the other hand were dressed as...drum roll please...Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel. :) The birthday girl and Miki A nice close up...notice that Gary has eyebrows...that is a combination of mascara and eyebrow pencil. I did some work to my brows also to try to lose the arches. Please note that Gary is also wearing a fat suit. No offense to Jimmy Kimmel, but he's not exactly svelte. There was some wig trading going on... Can you guess which mohawk is real? Showing off my really cool "I HATE THE ENVIRONMENT" shirt. And isn't the hairdo just perfect? This one is for my dad. I remember some pictures of him in a very similar home depoteseque costume

what Gary and I are going to be for Halloween this year? We think it's a pretty funny idea. Here's a clue. We're going as a famous couple, both of whom have their own tv shows right now. If you have a guess, leave it in the comments section. If anyone guesses correctly, I'll think of a good prize or something. :)

Those of you in or around DC may or may not have heard about my mother's photography show called "Main Street, USA" that was up at the Cinema Arts Theatre a couple of months ago. This is an ongoing project that she has been working on for many years and the Fairfax Connection ran a very emotional human interest story on how her work touched this one family. I'm so proud of her, happy reading!

As I have browsed around the internet and even in a couple of shops for that perfect wedding dress, I never considered the idea of making one out of toilet paper. I'm still not considering that idea but I was so impressed by these pictures that my mother sent me this morning, they are the winners of some contest where the entrants have to make a wedding gown entirely out of toilet paper! Aboslutely amazing! If I had entered, I'm sure I would have looked like some idiot mummy or something. :) Here are the winners... Honorable mention 4th Place 3rd Place 2nd Place And the 1st place winner, hard to believe this is toilet paper, right? Check out the detail on this dress!