So I know this is probably starting to seem like Oliver’s blog instead of my blog but I just had to share this with everyone. Gary and I are just laying around on the couch on our laptops with VH1 Classic providing some background entertainment. Well a few minutes ago, the video for Mariah Carey’s “Emotion” came on and Oliver actually started watching the tv during all of the really high notes. It was so funny that we even had to rewind it (thank you Tivo) to watch those parts again. And sure enough, Oliver perked right up every time and watched intently. So now we know, Oliver’s favorite singer is Mariah Carey, especially early 90′s Mariah.

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  1. Donna Wojo says:

    Hi Justine,

    My dog has a few favorite songs, too…..basically anything that has to do with clapping. Her top two favs are Bad Girls by Donna Sommer and that Car Wash song. Just thought I’d share that with you from one dog lover to another!

    Take care,

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