I just found the most amazing site on DJ’s blog. It’s called Kiva and it is an organization that gives you the chance to help small business owners in developing countries. You can loan people money (interest free) to help get their businesses going or to the next level and the amazing thing is that most of the people on this site are requesting very small amounts of money. So far I’ve loaned money to Martha Alvarez via paypal. When she is ready, she will pay the money back to Kiva and I will be reimbursed. Here is a little bit about Martha…
Martha Alvarez owns a small shop selling clothes. Her daughter helps out by keeping track of the money. When she started her business several years ago, Martha borrowed $200 from the loan sharks, costing her nearly 20% a month. Ms. Alvarez’s daughters are artisans who make bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. With their goods combined in one shop, they have an advantage over most other stores.

Martha received a loan several months ago that she used to put up a storefront in her house so she can show off all of her clothes and jewelry. She is doing well by selling a combination of goods she buys wholesale and others she and her daughters make. She will use the new loan to continue investing in materials and merchandise.

This 35 year-old entrepreneur from Guayaquil is married and has six children.

I mean how incredible is it to make a difference in someone’s life and then get to read all about their progress? I’ll post more updates when I receive them. I urge everyone out there to look into this, what a great way to change the world!

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    So awesome! Keep rocking!

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