Wow, was today a busy day!!! After a meeting with a real estate (?) agent this morning about renting out my house in Fairfax, VA (DC), I jumped in my P.T. Cruiser (my current rental car) to head to Georgetown to go to the ShootQ set up party. This was put on by Andrew & Rachel of LaCour Photography and they are not only incredible photographers but it turns out that they are also just the most warm, lovely people as well. I felt so fortunate to spend the day with them learning this incredible new studio management system. Unfortunately, I did have to cut out of there a little bit early but it was worth it to hang out with Erin & Tim and to shoot their engagement portraits in and around the studio in Fairfax. Afterwards, I met with the very lovely Molley…gotta give a shout out to Molley. Hi Molley, so great to meet you!

Anyway, here are some images from Erin & Tim’s session…

3 Responses to “Erin & Tim’s E Session”

  1. rowena says:

    Oh my! I loooove the colors on these, they looks so clean and crisp!!!

  2. Erin says:

    Justine! We love the pictures!! They are FANTASTIC!! Such great shots. I even love the ones that I can see my flaws in. You are such a great photographer/artist. Tim and I actually look relaxed in some of these pictures which is saying alot! And the light is so perfect. I can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks so much!

  3. J Sandfier says:

    Terrific images!!!

    You have to love the LaCour crew! I spent last week with them and miss them already…they are so genuine and fun to be around. Mark can really dance too :)

    Missed you while I was out in LA…next time!


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