I had the weirdest thing happen to me on Saturday. I was shooting a wedding at the Hotel Monaco in D.C. and right before the ceremony I heard someone call my name. I turned around and my jaw dropped…there were Blythe’s parents sitting there in the 2nd row. Yes, the same Blythe of Blythe & Ton from last weekend’s wedding. I just couldn’t believe it since it was a 3.5 hour drive between D.C. and Warm Springs, VA. Even more interesting was the fact that one couple didn’t refer me to the other, the brides and grooms don’t even know each other…it was a complete coincidence. I have a few things to catch up on and then I will blog Virginia & Brian’s wedding which was so lovely and full of fabulous designer details.

On another note, I just received an email from the very sweet Sam Dobyns who shot this picture of me at Blythe & Ton’s wedding. I think I look awfully serious for being so incredibly disheveled. :)

4 Responses to “A Funny Story”

  1. Jasmine* says:

    Ha! That’s disheveled?! Please don’t ever look at ME after a wedding. I look like I got hit by a runaway bus. Twice. ;)

  2. gary says:

    that’s some serious gear my baby is holding

  3. Allegra says:

    You look a heck of a lot better than I would by the time the reception rolls around – love this DC heat! This area is really quite small when everything is said and done – not surprised your clients knew each other!

  4. samsmts says:

    I have not seen one of Matthew’s birthday cake, but I have one, if you would like to have it

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