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This afternoon I drove wayyyy down to the OC, to Newport Beach to meet Kate Triano, Lauren Hillary & Trista Lerit, 3 fabulous wedding photographers and really cool ladies for lunch at Fashion Island. We had such a great time catching up and talking about the biz and just generally getting to know each other. Chenin & Jasmine, we missed you but you were both there in spirit. :) Trista, Lauren, me w/ my usual half-closed eyes & Kate I always have so much fun getting together with other photographers and I'm totally looking forward to the DWF get together at Cat & Adi's next Tuesday. Any photographers out there, if you're ever in the Hollywood area, feel free to drop me an email if you want to have lunch or a drink or whatever.

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog this week people, I hope everyone will forgive me. So last night Gary and I went over to the home of the Pettus family, some of my really terrific clients and now friends. Alex made us a fabulous dinner and delicious drinks and we ended up spending 5 hours over there, wow! Poor Oliver was probably so pissed at us. Anyway, one of the most fun parts for me was to see all of my images covering every inch of their house. Seriously, they were just everywhere. I had to run from room to room with my point and shoot, check it out. Look Mummy, I'm wearing the cami you brought back from Morocco. :) There were a bunch more but I'm sure you get the idea....

Hello lovely blog readers. Just a quick post to announce my new listing on photographik, a new website that represents strictly wedding and portrait photographers. I read about it on Becker's blog last week and it looked like a great thing to try. I have never done any advertising since I think it is usually a total waste of money but this seems like a pretty cool site since you 1. have to have your work reviewed and accepted and 2. there are only 5 featured photographers per city. So check it out!

So after almost no sleep last night, I got up at 7am this morning (on a Sunday!) to see Gary off as he jumped into a car to drive to Vegas with Ike & Audrey Turner. He also spent all day with them yesterday, from San Diego to Glendale to Beverly Hills to Kentucky Fried Chicken and everywhere in between to shoot for an upcoming project. I managed to meet up with them in Glendale for Audrey's gig at a coffee bar so that I could grab a few pictures. Audrey rehearsing, she had never played or rehearsed with this band before Ike was full of critiques for the band...especially the poor drummer Now onto the piano player... Audrey LOVES the camera! Performing for real after a terrifying trip to Beverly Hills to change clothes. I hear that they were clocked at 50mph on La Brea & 60mph on Beverly. Glad I wasn't in that

OMG, I think I've just seen one of the worst things ever onGary Fong's blog. It is a YouTube clip from the Miss USA Pageant and Miss South Carolina's answer. The question is "Recent surveys show that one out of five Americans can find the U.S. on the map. Why do you think that is?" Watch the video for her answer...somehow I wonder if this girl falls into the 1 out of 5 Americans who can't find the U.S. on a map. So painful!