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Well today I headed over to Westwood to have lunch with Cat Krantz from Next Exit Photography. We had never met before today but had such a fun chat about how we came to be photographers and the nature of the business etc. Afterwards, I went to their house to meet Adi (Cat's husband & business partner) right around the corner and got a tour of their very busy home studio. I was also a little jealous of their computer system and now feel as though I'm the caveman version of a wedding photographer so as soon as I got home I told Gary that I now plan to buy a new $5000 computer system so that I can save myself some editing time. He just laughed because seriously every time I make some money I manage to find new things that I "need". This is one of the reasons

The countdown has begun. Just 9 days left until Courtney's big day. I just finished trying on my bridesmaid dress, it is the Chloe dress from Ann Taylor in espresso and it's just lovely. The only problem is that I ordered a rather "optimistic" size and when it arrived it was a bit snug. So I figured this is as good a reason as any to lose a couple of pounds. (BTW, I'm not fishing around for people to tell me that I'm not fat...I know that so please stop any eye-rolling that might be going on.:) ) Anyway, I've been trying to eat healthy meals, say no to dessert (when possible) and even made it to the gym one day this week. I'm happy to report that upon trying on the dress this morning, it fits! I'm thinking that if I can lose another 2 pounds or so between now

Now that I'm back in the swing of blogging, I figured I had better get to blogging my July 14th wedding at the Hay Adams hotel, which is directly across from The White House. Check out the view from the roof. Kate and Mike are the most adorable couple and as it turns out Mike and I were actually neighbors circa 1997 at VA Tech but never knew each other then. I'm just glad they found me in time for their wedding. The beautiful flowers were done by the amazing Helen Olivia floral boutique. It's always great to walk into a wedding and see friends from the business, Kate had Giselle there to do her hair and Kim Giammaria to do her makeup so I knew she would look absolutely gorgeous. A few portraits of Kate in this spectacular hoop skirt gown from Hitched. Mike is in the Marine Corps and his call sign is

Last week I had the most delightful lunch with another photographer named Gisela Prishker at my regular lunch spot, The Alcove which is gradually becoming known as The Ivy of the east side. But the food is much better. (If you've ever eaten at The Ivy you know what I'm talking about.) Anyway, poor Gisela drove 2 hours in L.A. traffic up from the OC where her boyfriend lives. She was visiting him from Dallas and managed to make the rounds to have lunches with photographers from all over the Socal area. I wonder if she'll still consider moving now that she's realized how long it takes to get anywhere here. That's one of the best things about working from home is never having to go anywhere. Not that I don't go places, I just enjoy not HAVING to go anywhere unless I have a shoot. Check out this great article

First of all I have to apologize for being a total blog slacker over the past week or so. I have had a few complaints about that so I figured I'd better get back into it right away. Sometimes it's just hard to get to when I've been traveling back and forth across the country and I have actual REAL work to do. :) I also want to give a shout out to Ginny Powderly who I hear may have thought that last line about being offended by the penis cupcakes in my last post was directed at her. That was acutally not directed at anyone in particular but I figured I would nip it in the bud before I received any comments about how that might be "inappropriate" on my blog. I figure that if I'm keeping all of my political and religious opinions to myself, what's an adult