Last night Gary and I headed out to El Rey to see Juliana Hatfield and Buffalo Tom perform. After being glued to my computer for the past week or so it was definitely nice to get out and see some people. When we got there we found that the people working the door at the club were so strict, thank goodness I didn’t try to bring a “real” camera with me. I had some mints in my purse and they kept on telling me that there was no gum chewing allowed. I didn’t have any gum though. They also checked my id like 4 times to make sure I was old enough to come in. As much as I appreciate it and am flattered by the fact that they thought I could even potentially be under 21, it did start to get a little old. Here are some pictures, please forgive the quality, they are from my point-and-shoot. I just don’t want anyone to think that my work is slipping. :)
Buffalo Tom
Me and Gary (he doesn’t like this picture)
It turned out to be sort of a Boston band reunion last night…Juliana Hatfield, Buffalo Tom, members of Letters to Cleo, American Hifi & some others I’m sure.
Michael & Kay (Letters to Cleo) were there
The always delightful Stacy Jones (Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt, American Hifi)
My pal Jamie (also from Hifi) and his pal Brandon

When we got home I was zonked out but I ended up having to give Oliver a “half bath” (don’t ask). He likes to be wrapped up in a towel and held for at least 15-20 minutes after a bath so here we are.
I like this one because you can see that one eye. This picture is also the only reason I know the name of the club where we went since it is printed very clearly on the wristband.

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