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Yesterday I went over to Studio City to see Wendy & Sketch and their darling little boy, E.J. or Eugene John who I also like to call "my boyfriend". I met the 3 of them at a fundraiser party a while ago and they ended up bidding on and winning the portrait session I had donated. I was so thrilled because I was just dying to photograph E.J. anyway. He's about 7 months old and couldn't possibly be more adorable if he tried...and so incredibly good natured too. Here he is waiting for me to arrive. :) We decided to strip him down for a few on the favorite fur throw. Good boy didn't pee on it or anything. Only in L.A. is this a pretty normal Emmy as bathroom decor. :) We went down to the L.A. river near their house for a few shots. At one point, a


Baby Day

I have been insanely busy during the past week I've been in D.C. so I've got tons to catch up on. I thought the first should be what I'm referring to as "Baby Day"...that was today where I spent some time with the latest additions to my life. I went to visit my beautiful "nieces" (the daughters of two of my oldest and closest friends), Payton and Ryane. First I went over to Mary and Andy's house to see Ryane who is about 12 weeks old. I think she looks exactly like both of her parents and has the hugest most beautiful blue just can't fight those strong Powderly genes. :) They like to call her an orangutan/ dolphin because she makes squeaky noises and holds onto you like a little monkey. We put Ryane in her daddy's firefighter helmet which was unbelievably adorable, although it didn't last too long.

Yesterday evening I headed over to the Marine Corps Memorial, more popularly known as "Iwo Jima" to shoot Nikki & Peter's engagement portraits. They are a fabulous couple who are getting married on this year's most popular date, 7/7/07. This particular date has created something of a phenomenon in the wedding industry...literally everyone is booked, it's like there aren't enough vendors around to take care of all of the brides who want to get married on this date. Luckily though Nikki and I managed to find eachother and I'm really looking forward to their wedding. Here are a few images from our session. This turned out to be a terrific "D.C." location since you can see all of the monuments from up on the hill as well as Arlington Cemetary...all from the same location. Can you spot the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in the background? These were lit by the