Gary and I were just sitting here watching tv and the funniest commercial came on, we were laughing hysterically and actually rewinded it to watch it several times. Then found it on youtube. Oliver does the exact same thing that Tobi does. :)

4 Responses to “Funny Commercial”

  1. Téa says:

    HAHA Oh man!

    Isn’t that a sign of worms or something?

    I have always love the expression on dogs’ faces – like “ahhhh that feels betterrrrrr”.

  2. Jimmy Cheng says:

    My dog does the exact same thing and we laughed so hard when we saw this commercial too. Good find!

  3. Hillary says:

    Dave and I love that commercial. Don’t you think she overreactes a little? TOBI!!!!

  4. DJ says:

    LOL – That’s hilarious!!!

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