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Mimi & Hy

After grabbing a crepe at the Studio City farmers market just before everyone packed up (about 10 minutes after we arrived), Gary and I decided to browse around Ventura Ave. for a little bit. We were fortunate enough to stumble across a brand new shop that opened its doors just 8 days ago. It's called Mimi & Hy and their adorable tagline is "the general store for the fabulous". It really couldn't be much more accurate. The design of the place is just simple enough but just beautiful enough to live up to the phrase. Intentionally crooked drawers in the front are stocked with delectables from Dylan's candy bar (to lure you in), as well as cool handbags, gorgeous candles, lotions and potions and my favorite section which I like to call the "walk of shame shop" which is stocked with compacts that double as condom holders (appropriately titled "just

This afternoon Gary and I were bumming around Studio City for a bit so we stopped in to visit Jodi Middleton's new children's clothing boutique, Sandbox Rebel. It's such an adorable shop and Jodi makes everything personally by hand and all of the clothes are really cool, the sorts of things you'd wear yourself if you were a lot tinier. :) Anyway, I'm going to do a shoot of her adorable son, Arthur and help to decorate a few empty walls in the store. If you're ever in the neighborhood, the store is near the corner of Whitsett & Magnolia in Valley Village. You absolutely must go check it out!

Hello friends, I just signed up at a site called Technorati which is essentially just a way to get your blog out there in front of more people. So please click on the link below to vote for me as one of your favorites. I'd hope you wouldn't have to lie to do this. :) Thanks everyone for all of the great comments! Keep 'em coming. :) xo, Justine

Today I sent out a beautiful Queensberry matted album to my lovely clients from last October 7th, Laura & Michael. They had a gorgeous ceremony at the very famous St. Matthew's Cathedral in Dupont Circle in D.C. This is where JFK's funeral was held. Afterwards it was off to the Capitol for a few pictures and then to the Cosmo's Club for a really elegant and fun reception. Here are a few tidbits from their album. They chose the leather cover in "cherry" to match the color of the bridesamaid dresses. We decided to mount their invitation on the 1st page. It was important to Laura and Michael that the vastness of the church was highlighted in the album so we did a panormic spread. Queensberry gives you the option of doing these great flip out pages.

Gary and I were just sitting here watching tv and the funniest commercial came on, we were laughing hysterically and actually rewinded it to watch it several times. Then found it on youtube. Oliver does the exact same thing that Tobi does. :)