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WEBSITE COMING SOON!I just paid a visit to my fabulous web designer's home page and I see that my in-progress design is up on her site as the current project. Tea is such an incredible designer as you can see and I'm so excited for my site to go live soon. If anyone out there needs a new website you definitely should stop by to visit her site and look through her portfolio, You can see what the main page will look like in the lower right corner of the screen...

SHUT UP STELLA WEBISODE #3Just wait til the real tv all are going to love it and you can say you knew the girls when... :)

I CRASHED THE BMI MUSIC AWARDSWell sort of. Last week Gary and I tagged along with Kara DioGuardi to the BMI Music Awards with our cameras...just for the hell of it really. We rode along in the limo with all of the girls from Art House Entertainment...they were having such a good time playing jokes on Stephen, Kara's business partner. At one point they called him to say that Kara had too much to drink and that the limo had to pull over for her to throw up. He totally didn't buy it but it got some good laughs.The awards were held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire a.k.a. the "Pretty Woman" hotel. Recognize the lobby? :)I saw my girl Lisa Loeb in the press line.Here she is doing one of the poses I taught her...arms away from the body!Here is Kara being interviewed for E!And running into the

BIRTHDAY/ ENGAGEMENT PICTURES @ PINZI know that a lot of you have been waiting to see some pictures from the big night! So here they are courtesy of Jessie. I was too much of a dope that night to remember to bring my camera. The first picture of the ringKay gave a beautiful toastGary showing off his excellent work and me grinning like an idiot (which I did all night)Jessie & meKara & meHillary & Dave came out to celebrate, they are getting married this weekend!Big brother Michael & me Gary, Cheri & BurkeKay, me & Jessie after a little too much champagne :)Vanilla on vanilla from Big Sugar...I love Vanilla!The always gorgeous Jackie Brubaker

KAY HANLEY LIVE AT THE KEY CLUBLast night we went to see Kay and Michael play a gig at the Key Club in West Hollywood. It was so much fun, the Shut Up Stella girls were there and Fan even went up to perform a song with Kay. It's so amazing to see them play live since it's a pretty rare occurrence these days but it does take me back to the early/mid-nineties when I used to go with all of my friends to see Letters to Cleo play at the 9:30 club and other D.C. venues. Of course I was underage then and it was always on a school night. The Fairfax girls remember those times, don't you ladies? Who remembers Erin almost killing us on the way home by entering the beltway via the exit ramp? Yeah, that is burned into my memory forever...I think that's my only