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OLIVER'S FIRST TRIP TO THE BEACHSince I've been a little under the weather this week I thought it might be a good time to catch up on some old images I have yet to edit. About a month ago, Gary and I took Oliver to Malibu to this wonderful dog beach. He had soooo much fun, I mean I knew he would like it but he didn't know what to do with himself. He met some nice boys along the way who took pictures of him and gave him kisses. He was NOT as big a fan of the seagulls as he took every opportunity to chase them around. So much fun! Here are a few images.Gary and Oliver take a strollWonder what they're looking at?Ollie makes some new friendsAnd has a run in with a seagullThe view on the drive home.

JACKIE'S HEADSHOTSYesterday I had the pleasure of doing some headshots for my friend, Jackie Brubaker. She is an incredible makeup artist with her own agency called Dollface. She is also a singer and dabbles in acting a bit. I met her through ISES a few months ago and we have been friends ever since. Here are a few images from our shoot which we did in or around my yard and neighborhood.

DEAL OR NO DEALIn light of very sad events today...and because I've been waiting for these pictures to arrive by email, I figured now would be as good a time as any to post something really silly on this blog. And here it is. Last weekend Gary and I went to the season finale of Deal or No Deal. I am a huge fan of the show and honestly didn't know Howie Mandel from anything but an animated show called "Bobby's World" which I was really too old to be watching at the time anyway. Gary's friend Allison is a producer on the show so we got to waltz right in and got great seats in the one area that was not a "hot spot" for the cameras. We sat there for a bit. I noticed that across from us was Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover Home Edition along with

PAULA ZAHN MAKES ME MAD!I have been absolutely glued to CNN all day to watch for updates about the VA Tech shooting...little did I know when I wrote in my blog this morning that this was to become the biggest school massacre in U.S. history. I've watched a number of interviews with current VA Tech students that have aired throughout the day. They all seem shaken up and upset by the whole incident. But it seems to be the position of Paula Zahn and other news anchors to try to turn the students against the administration of VA Tech by telling them that they should have been notified, that something should have been done. Not one of the students who I've seen has shown any anger towards anyone except for the actual gunman. Leave it to the news media to try to divide the school at a time that it

SHOOTING AT VA TECHThis is so incredibly sad and it's all over the news today. 21 people have been killed at my alma mater, VA Tech this morning. There still seem to be no reports about why this happened or who this gunman is/ police have shot and killed him. Thank goodness it is over though. The first shootings took place in my old dorm, West Ambler Johnston or West AJ as we called it. I can only imagine what It must have been like for those poor kids. My thoughts are with them and their families today and I'm so sad for everyone who was affected by this terrible tragedy.