I swear, these days you would think my blog is all about my friends’ pregnancies and so what? It’s exciting and there’s always new “up to the moment” news regarding who’s miserable, who’s vomiting and who just wants to have a baby already. This week, Mary sent out a poll for everyone to guess the baby’s arrival date & time, sex and weight. Here is her email and the bids so far:

When will baby Devlin arrive?


1– am/pm

Mary – April 3, girl, 7.11, am
Ashley – April 6, girl, 7.6, PM
Justine – 3/31, boy 7.7, pm
Erin – 3/29, boy, 7.8, pm
Katie – April 5th, Boy, 8 pounds, PM
Erich – March 28, Boy, 10 pounds 4 oz, PM
Courtney – April 2nd, BOY, 7 pounds 12 oz, PM
Kelly – March 30th, Boy (but how fun will it be to have girls together!!), 8 lbs, AM
Molly – March 31, Girl, 7 lbs 0 oz, PM

Mary, is there a prize for whomever has the closest guess? I think there should be. :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll think of some type of a prize… how about babysitting! ;-) Mary

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