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MOVIE REVIEWSFriday night Gary and I met up with Lisa and her friend Stephanie in Burbank to see Reno 911, the movie. When were waiting to buy tickets, it struck me that there were children around. It's funny but where I live, you almost never see any kids so you sort of forget that they exist and then you go out to the valley and think "oh yeah, some people have kids and they take them places." That's a deep thought by Justine Ungaro. Anyway so we saw Reno 911 and I have to say it was a major disappointment. There were a few laughs in there but I think that the brilliance of the tv show is in it's short little 2 or 3 minute clips that are hilarious. Trying to drag on the idiocy of the Reno Sherriff's department and all of the "self-pleasure" montages get a bit

SAD NEWSI just received the following email from my friend Jenny Lehman in D.C.I am sad to pass along some news.Monte Zucker has just passed away.His passion for wedding photography inspired thousands. He was a truepioneer.I had the pleasure of shooting with him and he was truly an artist.I will miss him.-Jenny LehmanMonte Zucker was arguably the most famous wedding photographer in the country if not the world. Some have toted him as the "grandfather of wedding photography". He perfected the classical style of wedding photography with amazing technical excellence. He actually shot the wedding of my best friend's parents back in the early 70's. The bride was only 19 and he insisted that she wear no makeup...only false eyelashes were allowed. There's no way I would be caught dead being photographed without makeup but I'm certainly not 19 anymore. :) I never got the opportunity to meet Monte even

MARY'S PREGNANCY PORTRAITSince I've been in D.C. for the past week, I got the opportunity to shoot Mary's pregnancy portrait. I just realized that I have gotten to shoot her engagement portrait, bridal portrait and pregnancy portrait. It's always been easy since she's so gorgeous and actually seems pretty comfortable in front of the camera. If she's not, she fakes it pretty well. We got her husband Andy to be in some of the pictures as well. I even coaxed him out of his shirt! Just in case anyone is wondering, it was absolutley NOT his idea...all mine but I'm glad he was willing, just barely. :) Now I can't wait for this baby to arrive to get him/ her into the studio as well!Here are Mary's favorites...These 3 will be matted and framed together

MULLIGAN SHOOTThis afternoon I got to do a portrait shoot of my friends (and former co-workers) Jenn and John and their two gorgeous girls, Molly and Kiera. I met the two of them back in 2002 when I did actually have a regular job where I had to show up somewhere every day and when I still had benefits. We all worked in the same small office and Jenn and John were having a not-so-secret romance. It was the sort of high stress job that really makes you crazy and I have very fond memories of Jenn and I taping pieces of paper to our bodies to create clothes out of our payroll edit reports. I think there are still pictures of that hanging in the office at, not magazine. Anyway, it was wonderful to see them while I'm back in the D.C. area this week. Here are a

MARY'S BABY SHOWERThis afternoon a bunch of us threw a baby shower for our dear friend Mary who is expecting her first baby at the end of the month. We were lucky enough to host the shower at Courtney's parents house, which is just the most incredible house! It just screams for a party. Courtney is actually going to be having her wedding here later this year. Of course everyone wanted a tour. Here is my own little virtual tour.The foyerKitchen...makes me want to cookIndoor poolLauren decided to take a steamAnd Gizelle tried to get a tanSelf PortraitAs for the shower itself, Mary really cleaned up.No one knows if they are having a boy or a girl so there were a lot of yellow and green gifts and Mary received a large library of baby books, a coach diaper bag and lots of other goodies. Kelly & LaurenKatie & PattiErin