I’ve been in Las Vegas for the past 4 days attending the annual WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers) Convention and Trade Show. This is my 5th year in a row attending and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed it was, “hey, where did the past 4 years go?” When did I become a show regular as opposed to the newbie? I certainly don’t know when that happened! :) Anyway, it’s been a bit of a whirlwhind but a few moments stick out in my mind that are actually totally unrelated to WPPI altogether. One was getting carded for loitering in the casino. Apparently pigtails = under 21. I wasn’t going to argue but I didn’t want to leave so I had to cough up the ID amidst my shock and amusement. I wanted to tell this person that people who are trying to look older actually don’t wear pigtails but I’ll let her figure that out on her own. That’s definitely the first time I’ve ever been carded for just standing around somewhere. :)

Gary came with me for the weekend and after doing our usual Sushi Roku dinner on Saturday night, we went to go see Roseanne Barr on Sunday night. Now I have a minor Roseanne obsession anyway but to be that close to her in person (we were in the 2nd row) was pretty surreal. She even did a little striptease at the end of the show and Gary tipped her a $5 bill which she stuffed right into her bra. All I could think was “oh my god, Gary’s money is in Roseanne’s bra right now”, really crazy. We talked to her afterwards and got a picture. Love that woman even more now….

Us talking to Roseanne. I don’t remember what I said but she’s smiling at me so I guess I was at least vaguely entertaining or maybe it’s her polite face.
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And the photo op…
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  1. Granny says:

    Congratulations Justine. I really like the picture of you and Gary and Rosanne. Your face is the real Justine, while the one in your “letterhead” (I don’t know what bloggers call it) is elegant but not the YOU I know.How about coming to the South face of the Grand Canyon with us July 22 to 29? Doug’s whole family is coming from LA and camping. Banu and I are chickens and are staying in a lodge.Love, Granny

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