Today Gary turns 36 so to kick off the celebration last night, we met up with Michael at the Beauty Bar in Hollywood and then to see Conroy’s improv group. Afterwards trying to find a decent place to have a quiet drink in Hollywood on a Friday night is nearly impossible. Our target bar was Musso & Frank’s which is supposed to be a cool, sort of retro hipster bar. Well we walked in and it looked more like Denny’s at night circa 1945. The 4 of us looked like we were there to visit our grandparents at this joint. Somehow it just didn’t live up to its reputation. So, the next stop was the Pig & Whistle. They had about 4 big bouncers at the door and a velvet rope to make it look important. We had to pay 5 bucks to get in. And inside? Deafening music that I specifically remember doing cheerleader dances to during the early-mid 1990′s. And crazy tourists convulsing (I mean literally convulsing) on the dance floor. And it’s not often that you get to see such big celebrities as…Justin Guarini! :) The big American Idol fan in our group didn’t even manage to notice him.
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So, after we felt like we had damaged our hearing enough, we finally settled into a place called Boardner’s which just hit the spot. We cozied up in a corner booth, had some beers and some garlic fries and finally got to have a conversation. Yay!

Tonight is Michelle’s baby shower and then it’s out for dinner at Pace to continue the bday celebration. No party this year. Maybe next. :)

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