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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!Today Gary turns 36 so to kick off the celebration last night, we met up with Michael at the Beauty Bar in Hollywood and then to see Conroy's improv group. Afterwards trying to find a decent place to have a quiet drink in Hollywood on a Friday night is nearly impossible. Our target bar was Musso & Frank's which is supposed to be a cool, sort of retro hipster bar. Well we walked in and it looked more like Denny's at night circa 1945. The 4 of us looked like we were there to visit our grandparents at this joint. Somehow it just didn't live up to its reputation. So, the next stop was the Pig & Whistle. They had about 4 big bouncers at the door and a velvet rope to make it look important. We had to pay 5 bucks to get in. And inside? Deafening

THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS ARE BURNING!At about 1pm this afternoon, I got a call from Gary...he said turn on the news and then go outside and look. I walked out the front door and this is what I saw...It's 3 hours later now and the fire is contained. It's not out yet but it definitely looks a lot friendlier than it did earlier. When I heard on the news that it could head into our neighborhood, I grabbed Oliver and my camera and we went over to meet Gary for some birthday pie, courtesy of Mind of Mencia. Yum yum yum! I actually forgot all about the fire for a bit but I must admit I was pretty freaked out.

LIVE FROM VEGASI've been in Las Vegas for the past 4 days attending the annual WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers) Convention and Trade Show. This is my 5th year in a row attending and if there's one thing I've noticed it was, "hey, where did the past 4 years go?" When did I become a show regular as opposed to the newbie? I certainly don't know when that happened! :) Anyway, it's been a bit of a whirlwhind but a few moments stick out in my mind that are actually totally unrelated to WPPI altogether. One was getting carded for loitering in the casino. Apparently pigtails = under 21. I wasn't going to argue but I didn't want to leave so I had to cough up the ID amidst my shock and amusement. I wanted to tell this person that people who are trying to look older actually don't wear

BABY NEWS!!!I am in Vegas right now but I just got a text message reporting that Ryane Ashley Devlin was born at 1:38am ET by c-section. 7 lbs. 10 oz, 21 inches long. Congratulations to Mary and Andy!!! I can wait to meet your darling little baby girl. Let's get her ready for her first portrait session next month. I love you and miss you and I hate that I'm not in Fairfax for this. xo

THE BETS ARE INI swear, these days you would think my blog is all about my friends' pregnancies and so what? It's exciting and there's always new "up to the moment" news regarding who's miserable, who's vomiting and who just wants to have a baby already. This week, Mary sent out a poll for everyone to guess the baby's arrival date & time, sex and weight. Here is her email and the bids so far:When will baby Devlin arrive? Points: 5—date3—sex2—weight1-- am/pm Mary - April 3, girl, 7.11, amAshley - April 6, girl, 7.6, PMJustine - 3/31, boy 7.7, pmErin - 3/29, boy, 7.8, pmKatie - April 5th, Boy, 8 pounds, PMErich - March 28, Boy, 10 pounds 4 oz, PMCourtney - April 2nd, BOY, 7 pounds 12 oz, PMKelly - March 30th, Boy (but how fun will it be to have girls together!!), 8 lbs, AMMolly - March 31,