Who: Drea De Mateo
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From: The Soprano’s
When: Sunday evening
Where: Katsuya in Studio City
What: Eating sushi
Why: Gary and I had just picked up my mother from Long Beach airport and we were all starving so we hit Katsuya for some delicious sushi before dropping her off at Michael & Kay’s.

3 Responses to “CELEBRITY SIGHTING Who: Drea De Mateo From: The …”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear she is still alive and well. I thought she got whacked in the woods by Tony’s crew. – Merry

  2. nncoco says:

    I can tell you are an LA newbie because you are imporessed by every minor celebrity sighting.Ah, to be young and idealistic!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Poor old and jaded nncoco. Seems like nncoco has been in LA too long, has seen many failures and can’t handle anyone who is young and idealistic. I think nncoco asked me “paper or plastic” this afternoon.

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