Gary and I just spent the most lovely evening at the Grove. First we went to Jack Gallery for the opening of Todd Goldman’s new show. We saw Jared, one of the art dealers who immediately recognized us as regular gallery browsers. I was feeling particularly amorous over a 4′ x 7′ fuschia canvas painting that read “Gold digger…like a hooker just smarter”. I don’t know why but I have always loved this one but never seen it this massive or in that color. Anyway, I think I stared at it a little too long because before I knew it, they had pulled it off the wall and taken us into a private viewing room where we could sit down in front of the thing to fully absorb it. Once we heard about the 1 year 0% interest Wells Fargo finanacing plan, the $7500 price tag started to sound not so bad after all. Although Gary and I both started to get a little overly excited about the prospect of purchasing big, original art by an artist who is seriously on the rise (it is an investment after all), so we decided to go talk about it over dinner. After we managed to get out of the gallery and after some rational discussion, we came to the conclusion that even if we forked over $7500 for this thing, we have absolutely no where to hang it. Hmm. The decision became very clear after that. BUT, we did go back to tell Jared our decision and promised to return to take a look at our options of buying something a little smaller…which I think will also be very exciting. Oh yeah, and Selma Blair was at the opening too…with a short blonde pixie cut. Adorable!
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And that reminds me that last night on our way to Pinkberry (yes again), Gary, Oliver and I spotted Trishelle from The Real World outside of The Dresden on Vermont.
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    I know another artist you can get stuff from for a lot cheaper! – Merrry

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