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CULVER CITYMy mother has been in town this week and we spent all of yesterday wandering around Culver City. Who knew it was such a fun walking city, and it has a booming art scene. We went to some galleries and little shops and for a delicious glass of wine at Bottle Rock. Also saw Willem Dafoe enjoying some lunch in the window of a local restaurant.Afterwards we met Gary over at Dar Maghreb on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood for a VERY traditional Moroccan dinner. The food was good but there was WAY too much of it. If you go, go hungry and be prepared to not get to choose your dinner or use silverware or plates. The menu is basically set but there are a few either/ or items. We opted for the chicken rather than the pigeon. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to food but I

ANOTHER CELEBRITY SIGHTINGWhile I was grocery shopping at Mayfair Market on Franklin in Los Feliz today, I saw Mandy Moore in the produce department. She was wearing sunglasses inside and trying to be incognito but I spotted her anyway. Haha! :)

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGWho: Drea De MateoFrom: The Soprano'sWhen: Sunday eveningWhere: Katsuya in Studio CityWhat: Eating sushiWhy: Gary and I had just picked up my mother from Long Beach airport and we were all starving so we hit Katsuya for some delicious sushi before dropping her off at Michael & Kay's.

BUYING ART?Gary and I just spent the most lovely evening at the Grove. First we went to Jack Gallery for the opening of Todd Goldman's new show. We saw Jared, one of the art dealers who immediately recognized us as regular gallery browsers. I was feeling particularly amorous over a 4' x 7' fuschia canvas painting that read "Gold a hooker just smarter". I don't know why but I have always loved this one but never seen it this massive or in that color. Anyway, I think I stared at it a little too long because before I knew it, they had pulled it off the wall and taken us into a private viewing room where we could sit down in front of the thing to fully absorb it. Once we heard about the 1 year 0% interest Wells Fargo finanacing plan, the $7500 price tag started to sound

MUG SHOTSLast night a bunch of us gathered at Kaylyn's to watch the 3 most recently edited Shut Up Stella webisodes. They are absolutely brilliant and I'm just dying for everyone else to see them. Kay and the girls leave tomorrow for a 2 week trip to London. I wanted to go with them but Sony would not pony up the cash for my airfare so it looks like I'm staying around here until my next trip back to D.C. It sounded like an awfully long flight from here anyway, ugh! Anyway, while we were all at Kaylyn's, I did some headshots for the Sixteen Blue website...mugshot style. Gary rented the little board and all of the letters and we used a blank wall in Kaylan's apt. for the background. I lit it with an off-camera strobe so that it didn't look too much like somebody's apartment. Then I blew