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MARY POPPINSSaturday night Jessie came over to eat some of my special quesadillas and homemade guac with us. I also made margarita mix from scratch, meaning fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice and a bunch of splenda. Plus some Cuervo and cointreau....yum yum yum! We were planning to head out to see a movie afterwards until Gary found that a sing-a-long version of Mary Poppins was playing at the El Capitan movie theatre. So, we scooped up Conroy and headed over. En route Jessie and I discovered that we both have the same weird breathing issues and back problems. We are just kindred spirits, I think. :)El Capitan is this big old theatre in Hollywood where the seat springs cut into your back and behind but overhead is this huge amazing dome ceiling that makes you feel like a part of cinema history. It really is pretty incredible. The screen

THAITALIANRecently I have a new obsession....paper. As in fine types of stationary, envelopes, letter-press, you name it. I just love the stuff. I've had so much fun picking out the papers and supplies for my business cards, gift certificates etc. So Friday night GK and I headed to Pasadena to hit the Paper Source store. Afterwards we shopped around a bit and what an adorable area it is! After working up a good appetite it was time to find some dinner. We came across this place called "Thaitalian". It is literally what it sounds like, Thai and Italian fusion. Only in California can you find things this weird. The menu was comprised of things like pad thai linguini and pad thai pizza among other odd combinations. We opted for a tuna tartare appetizer which seemed more Japanese than thai OR italian but it was good. For the main course we

BABYSITTINGOk, I know I have a lot to catch up on so I'll start with last week. On Thursday night Gary and I went over to babysit Zoe and Henry so that Michael and Kay could go out for their anniversary. It's hard to believe that it's been 9 years since I was at their wedding, I was still in college and that seems like a whole other lifetime. Yikes! Anyway, GK and I thought that it might be fun to do some sort of activity with the kids so we brought over all of the fixings to make and decorate cupcakes, including my brand new pink silicone cupcake pan that was among the big box of xmas presents from Gary's family. Zoe quite enjoyed decorating the cupcakes. Henry just dumped a lot of icing on top of one of them and then ate it. Just the icing though. Afterwards

I COPIED THIS ARTICLE FROM GARY FONG'S BLOG is a must read, so hilarious!

BACK IN L.A.After 3 weeks in D.C. over the holidays, Oliver and I hopped on a plane on Monday to come back to L.A. This time he rode in a bigger bag but it didn't seem to make much of a difference to him. It did however make me feel better about dragging him on a plane for the 3rd time in 6 weeks. Ollie was very happy to see Gary again and to return to all of his Christmas presents, one of which he immediately re-killed by breaking it's neck...over and over and over again. All day today Oliver has been scratching at this mat that we have on the kitchen floor. At first I thought there might be some food under there or something but no. Eventually we opened the cabinet door so that Oliver could investigate and find whatever it was he was looking for. Then Gary