Yesterday Gary and I went over to Dan & Michelle’s house again to shoot Lisa working on her Camp Songs album. Somehow we also had a conversation about naming the new Petty baby that is coming in a few months. One of the top picks seemed to be Jet with a pretty good possibility of Daniel Jet or D.J. for short. We also discussed how a lot of our grandparents’ names have become popular once again but that names like Adolf or Osama could take quite a long time to recover from the naughtyness of their forebearers.

While shooting in the studio, I decided to grab a few shots of Lisa. Since it was a recording studio and not a photo studio, I managed to rig up a little lamp and dangle it over her head for some nice flattering light. I tell you, I am so obsessed with lighting these days. I can’t even watch movies anymore…all I look at is the lighting…good, bad, interesting, flattering, contrasty…it doesn’t matter, I barely even notice what the movie is about. So anyway, there was this little light with a paper shade on a table off to one side in the studio. So, we adjusted the overhead track lighting to bounce off a wall and then held this little lantern in front of Lisa’s face and voila….beautiful, candle-lightish, sunsetty lighting. Beautiful!
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I also grabbed a few shots of “Bea”, Dan and Michelle’s first baby.
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