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IN THE STUDIOYesterday Gary and I went over to Dan & Michelle's house again to shoot Lisa working on her Camp Songs album. Somehow we also had a conversation about naming the new Petty baby that is coming in a few months. One of the top picks seemed to be Jet with a pretty good possibility of Daniel Jet or D.J. for short. We also discussed how a lot of our grandparents' names have become popular once again but that names like Adolf or Osama could take quite a long time to recover from the naughtyness of their forebearers. While shooting in the studio, I decided to grab a few shots of Lisa. Since it was a recording studio and not a photo studio, I managed to rig up a little lamp and dangle it over her head for some nice flattering light. I tell you, I am so obsessed

FIVE CHICKSThis week was my first meeting of "Five Chicks and a Fag"...a.k.a. "Five Chicks" for short...even though the number really isn't accurate anymore. A bunch of us met up at Liquid Kitty which is this little martini bar...the perfect venue to gather in a quiet AND DARK corner to have some good old-fashioned girl talk. I had such a great time, it's really such a wonderful group. Makes me miss my girls from back in D.C. even more. Anyway, as I said the place was practically dark so I really couldn't actually SEE anything that I was trying to take pictures of...but here are a few. Shannon is the President of 5 ChicksI actually knew Jim in college but I couldn't seem to get myself in the pictureI think this is how some of the ladies were feeling by the end of the night. :) I knocked over two

SHUT UP STELLAI was just going through my old blog posts and just realized that I never posted any images from our shoot with Shut Up Stella and that was back in November, yikes! Anyway, here are just a couple of them.

RANDOM MINOR CELEBRITY SIGHTINGSIn the past week I've had two random celebrity sightings. In fact, I didn't even know either of their names, just recognized them.One was last Thursday at the 101 Diner. Patrick Renna a.k.a. the redhead kid from The Sandlot was waiting for us to leave so that he could have our table. The 2nd sighting of the week was Judy Greer who I saw at The Echo when Gary and I went to see the Submarines. She was in Jawbreaker, The Wedding Planner & 13 Going on 30 among other girly movies...all of which I've seen. :) She usually plays the best friend, assistant or other tag-along to the female lead.

THE SUBMARINESAfter being cooped up all day yesterday working on album designs, GK and I decided to go out to The Echo to see our friends John and Blake perform. The two of them plus a laptop with programmed music comprise a band called The Submarines. They are so incredibly good, I recommend that everyone go right out and buy their cd straightaway. Unfortunately, I managed to have some mild food poisoning from some meat pizza I ate earlier for dinner so we didn't end up staying long. I did grab a few pictures though.