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AIMP EVENTI know I'm still playing catch up but here I go...last week Gary and I attended an event for the Association of Independent Music Publishers. Gary has been trailing around this amazing songwriter named Kara with cameras for the past month or so for a new tv show he's working on. Kara is this beautiful, totally laid-back, incredible songwriter. She has written a ton of hits for Gwen Stefani ("Rich Girl"), Christina Aguilera ("Ain't No Other Man"), Hilary Duff ("Let the Rain Fall Down"), Enrique Iglesias, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, etc. etc. You get the picture. Anyway, she manages to lead this totally glamorous yet also really normal life at the same time. So we went with her to watch her speak at this event for other songwriters. And guess who else was on the panel? Billy Bob Thornton! He did look a bit sickly but was also

SANTA LUCIA PARTYWednesday night Gary and I headed over to Stephanie's house in the hills for her annual Santa Lucia party...sort of like Swedish Christmas. There were various Swedish food and drinks, some of which you had to be a little brave in order to try. Stephanie herself said her throat was burning from the libations she was serving. :)Gary and I only knew a couple of people who were there, so eventually we retreated to "the screening room", the most amazing, cozy, loungy, Moroccan-style tv room you've ever seen. The walls and ceiling are lined with fabric and I swear I could live there very happily.We were just sitting around chatting and then an amazing thing happened. Random people just started wandering back, so one by one we asked them to join us. Eventually we had like 8 people sitting with us...and what an eclectic group it was. It

SHANNON'S 29TH BIRTHDAYI have been really bad about blogging lately and I apologize to anyone who actually reads this regularly. I'm sorry but I'm back now and I feel as though I have some major catching up to do. So first thing is first. Last Saturday it actually rained in L.A. Not just rain but torrential downpour. Of course this was the one night we really had somewhere to go. It was Shannon's 29th bday and so GK and I decided to join her birthday bash at the Townhouse in Venice. Shannon was my big sister in my sorority in college and we had not seen each other in about 6 years so it was a great reunion and so wonderful to see her again. Don't we look like we're still in college? ;) Do you think we could pass for 19 or 20? Ahem!So it turns out that Shannon

CAMP MEMORIESYesterday Gary and I went over to Dan and Michelle's house to shoot them working with Lisa on her new album.LisaMichelle & DanGK with camera"Bea" really wanted in on the actionIt's a collection of "campfire" songs, things you remember singing when you were a kid. I remember most of the songs from going to sleep-away camp...something I did most summers. When I was 9, I went away to a Jewish summer camp for a month. My mother was a budding photographer at that point and had been hired to shoot the camp's brochure. Instead of taking payment for the job, she sent me to camp for the summer. I came back singing tons of songs and prayers in Hebrew. My family thought it was the funniest thing ever considering that we're not jewish. The last summer camp I went to was at age 14. It was called

I LOVE LOS FELIZI have to say that I really love this neighborhood. Last night while taking a walk, Gary and I found this little fax/ copy shop. We went in to check it out and it turns out that this little building was the home of Walt Disney's first studio ever. How cool is that?This evening we walked down to Vermont to have dinner at Niko Niko, our favorite nearby sushi joint. We brought Oliver for his first visit to an actual restaurant and he was very well behaved. They even brought him a nice little bowl of water so that he wouldn't feel left out. While we were waiting for the check, Kiefer Sutherland walked by to pick up his dry cleaning next door. I wonder when the next season of 24 starts?