Yesterday after I gave up on going to the Grove, I decided to swing by Samy’s Camera for some supplies. I thought, hey while I’m here I might as well order the out of stock everywhere brand new Epson Stylus 3800 wide format printer.
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I figured if I can’t get the printer for 5-7 weeks, I might as well get the tax deduction this year. Anyway, I went up to the pro floor (the elitist 4th floor), much better than the 3rd floor mere mortal consumer floor. I waited my turn and then asked “Chris” if I could order the Epson 3800. He told me, “wait just a minute, right there”. So I stayed. He comes back after a couple of minutes and tells me that I am the “lucky one”. He has one printer in the stock room. I have no idea how this happened because this printer just came out this month and literally EVERYONE is out of stock. I guess it was just my own little Christmas miracle and a big, fat Christmas present To: me From: me.

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