Saturday night GK and I ventured up into the hills for Kara’s annual holiday party.
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I’m telling you, every time I go up there I fall more in love with the idea of living up there someday. It’s so incredibly peaceful and the views are incredible! This party was particularly fun because I actually knew people yay! Michael, Kay, Michelle & Dan were all there and I met several other new fabulous people. Pretty much everyone was from the music industry in one way or another.
Christine & Kara
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Tiki, Kara’s baby
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At one point there were a bunch of us up in Kara’s bedroom, Gary had the camera on and I had mine around my neck. There were these two random girls up there chatting with Kara and playing with Tiki.
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It turned out that one of them was the inventor of Hard Candy…yes, the incredibly cool line of nailpolish. Anyway, I never knew this but the story behind it was that when she was in college one day she decided to mix aqua and white nail polish and created this new color. Then word spread around campus about this girl who mixed really cool colors of nailpolish. All of a sudden she has celebrities coming to her dorm room to mix custom nailpolish colors for them. The next thing you know, a cosmetics company has bought her out for millions. It’s just amazing to hear stories like that but they seem to be everywhere out here.

When GK and I finally decided it was time to leave, we headed down the hill to find the “valet”. I use the terms loosely because the valet Kara had booked canceled at the last minute so she ended up having to use a friend of her handyman or gardener or something. Anyway, they were so nice and professional and developed a really good system. The only thing that gave them away as not real valets was the fact that they pulled Gary’s car up into the intersection of two streets and then locked the keys in the car, with the car running. I had to run back up to the house to get a wire hanger so that they could break into the car for us. Of course Kara and an entourage of others came marching down with me to help. Gary caught it all on camera too.

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