When we got home from Henry’s party, Gary brought out all of the really good presents! :) First, Oliver got a bunch of nice red presents from his best pal, Gary.
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But he wasn’t sure what to do with them so I helped him unwrap them.
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Gary said it was “something to kill (a stuffed dog with reindeer antlers), something to chew (a rubber bone) and something to eat (some yummy greenies)”. Oliver immediately took to the killing part and tore apart that poor little dog.
Then, I got to open my presents. They are soooo good! The first was an Apple ProCare Card so that I can go get Apple classes whenever I want them. The second was Season 2 of Roseanne on DVD. Gary bought me Season 1 about a year and a half ago and we watch them at night on the new tv before bed. I think he is really tired of seeing season 1. I don’t blame him. And the last and BIG gift is Apple Aperture, the new photo management software I’ve been drooling over. I just couldn’t believe it, I started crying!
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Tomorrow morning (early) we head to Long Beach airport to head home for Christmas, he goes to NJ, I go to D.C.

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