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A GREAT CHRISTMAS ALREADY!When we got home from Henry's party, Gary brought out all of the really good presents! :) First, Oliver got a bunch of nice red presents from his best pal, Gary. But he wasn't sure what to do with them so I helped him unwrap them.Gary said it was "something to kill (a stuffed dog with reindeer antlers), something to chew (a rubber bone) and something to eat (some yummy greenies)". Oliver immediately took to the killing part and tore apart that poor little dog. Then, I got to open my presents. They are soooo good! The first was an Apple ProCare Card so that I can go get Apple classes whenever I want them. The second was Season 2 of Roseanne on DVD. Gary bought me Season 1 about a year and a half ago and we watch them at night on the new tv before

HENRY'S BIRTHDAY PARTYToday was my nephew, Henry's 4th bday party so we all headed over to Michael and Kay's for an intimate bday bash for the little man. He is totally in love with everything star wars these days so he got tons and tons of star wars action figures and lots of really cool lego things too. And then there was a cake.Henry was extremely patient considering he was one of the last people to actually get to eat his bday cake. Gary and Conroy found their own form of amusement while playing with one of Henry's new action figures. One of the best parts of the evening was when Gary and I gave my 7 year-old niece, Zoe her Christmas gift. We decided that since she's a big girl now, she should have a big girl gift. So, we got her the new tiny iPOD shuffle. But, just

NEW PRINTERYesterday after I gave up on going to the Grove, I decided to swing by Samy's Camera for some supplies. I thought, hey while I'm here I might as well order the out of stock everywhere brand new Epson Stylus 3800 wide format printer. I figured if I can't get the printer for 5-7 weeks, I might as well get the tax deduction this year. Anyway, I went up to the pro floor (the elitist 4th floor), much better than the 3rd floor mere mortal consumer floor. I waited my turn and then asked "Chris" if I could order the Epson 3800. He told me, "wait just a minute, right there". So I stayed. He comes back after a couple of minutes and tells me that I am the "lucky one". He has one printer in the stock room. I have no idea how this happened because this printer

PARKING AT THE GROVE Yesterday I tried to do a bit of last minute xmas shopping so I headed over to the Grove in a fit of insanity. I got into the parking garage and drove straight up to the roof where there appeared to be plenty of parking. But of course, the roof was closed and I ended up having to back down the ramp and then battle with hundreds of other cars over the 4 available parking spots. After 15 minutes I threw in the towel and decided to leave. This is an email I got from Gary later in the day. This is the actual sign in the parking lot of the Grove.

KARA'S HOLIDAY PARTYSaturday night GK and I ventured up into the hills for Kara's annual holiday party.I'm telling you, every time I go up there I fall more in love with the idea of living up there someday. It's so incredibly peaceful and the views are incredible! This party was particularly fun because I actually knew people yay! Michael, Kay, Michelle & Dan were all there and I met several other new fabulous people. Pretty much everyone was from the music industry in one way or another. Christine & KaraTiki, Kara's babyAt one point there were a bunch of us up in Kara's bedroom, Gary had the camera on and I had mine around my neck. There were these two random girls up there chatting with Kara and playing with Tiki.It turned out that one of them was the inventor of Hard Candy...yes, the incredibly cool line of nailpolish. Anyway,