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Now that I'm back in D.C. for 2 weeks, I've decided that I simply must lose the excess weight I managed to gain during the 1 week drive across this great country. GK and I found that it is just littered with Denny's, Cracker Barrel and the like...and now it's easy to see why this nation has such a weight problem. I managed to develop one inside of a week, yikes! Anyway, after being very good (about my diet) all day long, my sister Lauren and I just made a trip to the grocery store for the necessary breakfast foods; yogurt, raspberries and granola. We also managed to pick up some chocolate chip cookie dough along the way. Of course we both needed our own though, I bought the Pillsbury variety while Lauren opted for Nestle Tollhouse. As she was eating the dough straight from the roll, I pre-heated the

TWINS!Last night Janet and David invited us over for a wonderful home-cooked meal...or two meals really. We enjoyed turkey medallions and stuffing as well as stir fried vegetables and chicken. We called it "asian thanksgiving" and it was very yummy. Spent most of the evening playing with their twin 3-year-olds, Molly and Harry who wreaked havoc on the place as usual. :)These two were having bicycle races around the house.I think some of the top quotes of the evening were:"No grapes in the play-do""That thing is a headache on wheels"We ended the night in the kids' room with some bedtime stories. I got to read a very condensed version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while Gary had the pleasure of reading "Walter, the Farting Dog" which combined tales of flatulance and tolerance. I don't rememeber having any books quite like that when I was a kid. It was

NOT TOO SHABBYI just got an email from my friend Laura Metro in D.C. about her friend, Melissa's online store called Not Too Shabby. www.nottooshabbyhome.comEverything they do is custom and it's all wonderful. Terrific for baby gifts etc.

LEFTOVER LONDON BROILIf anyone (Mary) ends up actually making my london broil, it tastes great in sandwiches the next day. I made wraps for Gary and I for lunch. Just spread flatbread with wasabi mayonaise and add lettuce, tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese & dried cranberries. I would have liked to add some avocado too but we're out. Serve along with some roasted red pepper and tomato soup. Yummy!

WELCOME TO LA PARTYJustine, Michael & KayLast night Michael and Kay threw me a great party at their house to welcome me to L.A. It was so great to catch up with so many old and new friends. Kay served some terrific middle eastern food which was so delicious and the cupcakes were a big hit. They even came with these cute little wooden forks so that you don't have to get your hands all dirty. However Kay had a bit of a freak out over the forks, apparently she has this weird unfinished wood phobia and couldn't be anywhere near the things. The only other person I know who has this sort of thing is Kelly and her issue is cotton balls or anything that feels cottony, like fleece blankets and such. It is just the weirdest thing.Jamie & LawrenceEric & Andy (my friends from high school)me and my