Oliver and I arrived in Los Angeles safe and sound last night after a (literally) turbulant airplane ride. The poor boy was stuffed into a little bag with the help of some doggy valium and stuffed under the seat in front of me.
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(The saddest picture ever)
I was very lucky to have a vacant seat in between me and a very nice man who was sitting by the window. So, Oliver got to spend the bulk of the plane ride in the middle seat with his head sticking out of the bag. He did make several escape attempts but overall he did extremely well for his first plane ride, despite the fact that we hit lots of bad air that visibly shook all of the passengers on the plane, including myself. I don’t think that I would have been quite so frightened if we had not been grounded for an hour and a half at Dulles while they replaced the broken flight computer. That just didn’t sound safe to me that major repairs could be done so quickly.
Anyway, we did make it safely and Gary was waiting there at Long Beach airport to pick us up and take us home. I have never seen Ollie so exhausted in my life!
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  1. Mary4395 says:

    Ohh… poor Ollie! Luke could never do that!

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