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LA DOGOliver and I arrived in Los Angeles safe and sound last night after a (literally) turbulant airplane ride. The poor boy was stuffed into a little bag with the help of some doggy valium and stuffed under the seat in front of me.(The saddest picture ever)I was very lucky to have a vacant seat in between me and a very nice man who was sitting by the window. So, Oliver got to spend the bulk of the plane ride in the middle seat with his head sticking out of the bag. He did make several escape attempts but overall he did extremely well for his first plane ride, despite the fact that we hit lots of bad air that visibly shook all of the passengers on the plane, including myself. I don't think that I would have been quite so frightened if we had not been grounded for

ISESThe International Special Events Society and especially the D.C. chapter have been a very happy home for me for the past 3 years. They have also been extremely kind to me to present me with the Esprit Award for the past 2 years...I'm still not quite sure how that happened however I'm eternally grateful. Unfortunately, it seems that I'm missing most of our events these days since I'm spending more and more time in L.A. I still want everyone to remember how much I adore them and that I miss you all and I hope to be back for as many meetings as possible during 2007. Here is a lovely picture by the very talented Steve Canning of me and my dear friend Martin at the American Red Cross Building. I believe that was October's meeting...this is post fire alarm of course. Please note the very nice festive menu. :)

THE SOURCE OF ALL OF MY PROBLEMSThis is the view inside my laundry room in the basement of my D.C. house. This is the source of many many issues for me over the Thanksgiving holiday. The first was a lovely little flood up through the drain hole in the floor. Luckily this time it was shower water/ washing machine water and not sewage as it was once or twice in the past. (that was when I realized that plumbers do actually deserve whatever exorbitant rate they are charging you) Gross! Anyway, after trying to put one of those Home Depot snakes down the drain, I proved myself once again to be absolutely worthless in all aspects of homeownership except for writing checks...which I always do reluctantly. It is hard for me to part with money unless I'm getting one of the following things: new shoes, clothes, jewelry, great sushi, camera

HAPPY THANKSGIVINGWow, I am such a fat fatty today! But I'm not alone. I think each of my family members must have consumed at least a stick of butter today...EACH. I couldn't believe it but every single course was just drenched in butter. But yummy. Tomorrow starts the annual post holiday diet and exercise plan which I'm sure will be put off until Monday when the leftovers have run out. The pecan pie is calling me back so I must go. But first I'll leave you with a family recipe we like to call "Great-Granny's Carrots", named after my great-grandmother Maime Houldsworth of Blackpool, England. It is a holiday staple in our family.Ingredients:5 pounds carrots1 stick of buttersalt pepper- peel carrots and slice up into 1 inch pieces- put in large pot and bring to a boil- boil until semi-soft- strain water and put back into pot- add 1 stick

ABRAHAM/ REID WEDDINGYesterday I had the opportunity to work with the most wonderful couple, Mary and Andy. They were married at the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. which is one of my absolute favorite venues. My sister Lauren came along as my assistant to hold my "light on a stick". I'm telling you, if you're single (which she's not) what a way to meet men. There were at least 2 guys following her around all night. Luckily the groom stepped in and told them to get lost :), because I needed her help. This was the first wedding that I implemented my newest lighting concept. This consisted of 2 1600 alien bee strobes on stands on either side of the band. These lit the dance floor with great directional light. The 3rd and main light was my on-camera speedlight with a "Fong Dong" (a.k.a. lightsphere