Because of constant harassment from my good friend Mary, I have decided to revisit my blog and actually start posting again. So thank you Mary. :) It has been so long since I’ve written anything that there is a lot to catch up on. One thing at a time though. Last Thursday I headed over to Hitched (a new bridal salon in Georgetown) for their launch of a new designer, Kenneth Pool. The label is now being led by Project Runway alum, Austin Scarlett…rather infamous for his “Little Bo Peep”ish ensembles. Although gloriously beaded and a little princessy for my taste, the gowns were rather stunning and the shop had a great turnout for their cupcake-themed mini soiree. I ate 4 cupcakes and drank 2 glasses of champagne for dinner that evening. Not the healthiest diet and I felt it the next morning. :) Here is a little slideshow of images from the event.

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  1. gary kordan says:

    Finally an update! Every time I looked at this blog I thought you were still in Trinidad…

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