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Well I didn't have a wedding yesterday which seemed like madness for a Saturday. I wasn't quite sure what normal people do on Saturdays. So, I tried to fill up the day as best as I could. Late in the afternoon, I met Katie & Josh (getting married June, 2007) at the Library of Congress for their engagement portrait. It was Josh's b-day and they were all dressed up to go out to dinner. We wandered around Capitol Hill and got some fun images. After the shoot, I swung by my house to meet my sister, Lauren and we headed over to Nissan Pavilion for the Goo Goo Dolls/ Counting Crows concert. Our friend, Paul was running sound for the Goo Goo Dolls and was kind enough to put us on the guest list complete with backstage passes. We must have parked about a mile away since we arrived so

Since I'm leaving for Trinidad in 6 days, I'm trying to squeeze in as many shoots as humanly possible just so that I can return to sit at my computer for days and days of editing. :)The photographer's lament...having to edit the thousands of digital images we shoot these days. What can you do though?I had 3 shoots yesterday. The first is inappropriate for web posting. ;) The second was with my cousin, her husband and their 7 month old baby, Jordan. What a doll...and great hair! She did pee on her daddy during the shoot...a regular occurence when working with babies. I was lucky enough to catch her midstream. Later in the afternoon I zipped over to Capitol Hill to attend a pink-themed cocktail party thrown by my absolute favorite caterer, Well Dunn. They served fresh watermelon martinis and a delicious summery menu of crabcakes and other delectibles. Sadly,

Prego PortraitLast night I had the pleasure of catching up with Sam, an old friend from college. It turns out she now lives across the street from Kelly, my best friend from high school. So, when I heard that she's now 8 months pregnant, I knew I just had to get her into the studio. Honestly, one of the most gorgeous pregnant women I've evern seen! Here are a few images from the shoot.

Today I went to the dentist to have a cavity second one in 28 years. Same tooth both times. Since I can't feel my face I'm trying to avoid making any calls today so instead I'm working on editing some shoots from the past couple of weeks. Here are a few favorites. Carolyn is actually the daughter of my real estate agent. Only 3 years old, but super tall. Hayden. I just thought this was a cute one because of the pouty expression. :)This was a shoot for former wedding clients who recently had a baby girl, Hadley. I went to their house for the shoot. Their dog, Leah is the classic displaced "1st baby". Mary and Andy on the Alexandria waterfront. A gorgeous couple, I'll be shooting their wedding in November. Liz & Ken. A really fun couple getting married in Chicago next year. We wandered around and

So even though I'm just starting this blog now (a project I've been intending to work on for a long time now), I've decided that I absolutely must backtrack a bit to include some of my favorite images from the summer. Early in July, my boyfriend Gary flew out to D.C. from L.A. (lots of cities with initials) to attend the wedding of my friends Katie and Jason. Even though I hardly put my camera down for 5 seconds the whole night, I still somehow managed to drink enough not to notice that I had broken both straps on my dress and had fake eyelashes hanging from one eye. (GK must be funny)The next day, we drove up to NYC and checked into the legendary Chelsea Hotel, where in 1978 (the year I was born), Sid Vicious murdered his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen.The place looked and seemed haunted, and although we